Minimalist and authentic.
  • A spatial atmosphere is created with the harmonious interplay of material and colour, light and transparency. The glass display cabinets are compelling with their delicately tinted glass and the slim-line, anodised metal frame with intelligently concealed hinges. The interior thus presents itself without any visually disturbing fittings. The glare-free, dynamic light creates atmospherically illuminated niches to house valuable belongings and accessories.

    Steel surfaces are fascinating: in architecture and urban planning they have a puristic, authentic air. When refined for use indoors, the original quality – best summed up as „rough industrial“ – is embellished with another characteristic: elegance and sophistication. A kitchen like this is no longer recognisable as such as it is completely merged with the homely environment.

  • Range 1CLASSIC-FS | F 025 ombre naturelle 31
    Range 2STEEL | M 298 ferro
    Range 3TOPOS | H 312 walnut
    Handle 807 Form griprail | 405 stainless steel
    Worktop003 Solid wood
    Interior COMBO