Love Food & Drink in LKF WINES Launch

The endless pursuit of wine from ancient times to now, but not everyone can travel around the world searching for the best wine, a personal sommelier can do it. Lan Kwai Fong brand recently created LKF Wines, who is like a personal sommelier for you, specifically provide the introduction of fine wines from around the world. They the magical effect of a perfect combination of food and wine, from their love to wine.

The LKF Brand name is equivalent to exquisite cuisine, wine-in-style with good value of money and never settle for less. As Hong Kong market becoming more matured over recent years, a new brand "LKFwines" hit the market at perfect time and specializes in high quality wines.

On 7th July, LKF Wines launched a special cook show at the high end LEICHT Kitchen. Experience a perfect match of food and wine with avant-garde photo exhibition presented by Nicholas Lemal, such a pleasant atmosphere for tasting!

Festival City II Press Conference introduced LEICHT

CAAL is appreciated to provide Germany LECHT kitchen cabinet in Festival City II, executive units,  located in Tai Wai MTR station, Tai Wai, partner with Cheung Kong Group.

Truly good design and good taste are always current, always relevant. Quiet, muted colours determine the image of the modern LEICHT kitchen. The setup gains expression and life through an ingenious combination of colours, materials and a sophisticated surface feel. Authenticity and a sense of the natural are important aspects of modern kitchen architecture, as conceived by the House of LEICHT.

LEICHT Harbour Centre Showroom Opening Ceremony

LEICHT Showroom Opening Ceremony and new collection launch held on 2nd December at its new showroom in Wanchai. Designer Mr. Hartmut Raiser gave a speech on the latest European trend in interior design. As the founder of Raiserlopes Designers, Mr. Raiser has designed showrooms for the famous brand HUGO BOSS. Over the years his architectural style is widely respected in the construction industry.

LEICHT’s Chief Executive Mr. Stefan Waldenmeier will also join the memorable event. Mr. Waldenmeier is the chairman of the German Kitchen Furniture Industry Association (VdDK). Since his move into the kitchen furniture industry in 1998, Mr. Waldenmeier has committed himself to product development and has brought many extraordinary yet classic cabinet designs to LEICHT. That night, famous interior designers and architects attended the event to share their experience on kitchen design.

As a pioneer in kitchen design, LEICHT new showroom created different styles of kitchen layout to present the unique functional features of kitchen cabinets. Exquisite pastries and special drink provided so that guests can experience the pleasant cooking environment in the cozy kitchen.